Ulysses Adelaide Photo Gallery

We had 51 at the August SABC breakfast in the Wellington Courthouse. Lovely setting, good food, only spoiled by latecomers (the prez & missus) getting served first, earlybirds last. And the coffee machine should have been manned the whole time. But most enjoyed themselves and their breakfast.

Some followed Brenton on to Mannum where we paused at the riverfront, too full for a feed (except for Craig & Gayle). Then 8 of us rode on for a stay at Morgan. Pre-dinner drinks were some wine and home brew, courtesy of Brenton. Dinner at the Commercial hotel was quite good. Then some rough port and smoother wine & Kahlua in the Waggies' cabin finished the night. Breakfast was at the roadhouse Sunday morning, a visit to the Castle castle, then a fairly cold ride back home. No rain all weekend made it a pleasant outing all round. Thanks to the organisers, Glenda & Brenton.