Ulysses Adelaide Photo Gallery

The July SABC breakfast was at the Broken Hill Bocce centre, hosted by Broken Hill Branch. It was their way of repaying the BBQ trailer 'donated' to them by Adelaide Branch. Rickie and gang put on a good spread, gratis for us southerners, cooked partly from the new trailer.

The weather was fantastic, warm days and nights, no rain Fri, Sat or Sun between Adelaide and Broken Hill. Those wimps who said it was going to be too cold, missed out on a good weekend.
Friday night at the workingmans club, breakfast at the Bocce centre, Saturday night at the musos club, with lots of members going out to Silverton on the Saturday afternoon.

Thanks for a good weekend, Rickie (BH branch prez) and helpers. 64 attended, 34 locals, Grampians, Mildura, Wanderers, and southerners from Adelaide, Fleurieu & Lower Murray.