Ulysses Adelaide Photo Gallery

The SABC breakfast on Jan 5th 2019 at The Oasis Belvidere was a big hit. We had 69 attend, only 1 less than our inaugural SABC, and lots came on bikes.

John Harkin and Paul Harrington came over from the Grampians for the occasion, suffering mid-40s heat early in their ride on Friday.
Fair to say that once again the SABC brought different branches together, from both near and far.

Hard to figure why it was so popular from: the venue (good); the cool day after a few very hot days; the right gap after xmas feasting. It was certainly a lovely morning for riding through the Adelaide Hills, marred only by the lycra-clad cyclists encountered on narrow winding hilly roads. (Glad when the Tour Down Under is well past.)

Glenda had told them to expect around 30. -We just never know. The staff rallied round well, adding chairs all over the place. Some got served a bit slowly, but overall it was a success. Conversation was lively (among a large bunch of near-deaf folk). I enjoyed my meal and coffee. I think most did. Thanks to the weather-gods for the day.