Ulysses Adelaide Photo Gallery

Liz is a previous President at the Adelaide Branch. When Liz first joined she was a pillion with her husband Ken, a former Rides Captain with our Branch. Liz was encouraged to obtain her own ride and acquired her first bike, a Suzuki GN 250 which she had when she under went the full Rider Safe training at Oaklands. Liz also had a Virago 250 but quickly found her self laying flat on the tank with her feet on the rear pegs, she just had to have a Sports bike !. At the end of her restricted license, Liz went out to Mallala to learn open road riding where she discovered 'Track time' and is now a self confessed Track time junkie !. From the GN250 Liz graduated to the first of two TRX850’s on which she put over 45 K each over the next three years or so. That’s covering some serious K’s. Liz then stepped up to the mighty Yamaha R1 which saw her through another 2 years service before her most recent ride, the very cool (and quick) Suzuki GSX 750R. Liz under took an Advance Rider course with each of her latest 3 bikes, and she highly recommends this training to all members to get to know their rides. It gives the rider an opportunity to discover not only the bikes capabilities, but as importantly, your own limitations. Liz saves her 'Need for speed' for on the Track, where that stuff belongs.