30 July Day Ride to Waikerie (Kev's place)

There was supposed to be rain today. Even so we had 16 riders start from Civic Park for our ride to Waikerie. We were missing quite a few of our regular participants, but it is winter, and there was supposed to be rain. We rode straight up through the fog in the hills, and by the time we reached Inglewood the weather was clear. We rode along through Birdwood, Springton, Angaston to Moculta where we made our first turn. For many of us it was the first time we had been on the road from Angaston to Truro through Moculta. The road from Moculta to Truro has only recently been sealed. By now we had mostly sunny weather, and yet it was supposed to rain today. It was windy though.

We had a half hour break at the bakery watching the highway traffic file through this tiny town. According to Peter Wood the bakery has the most expensive iced coffee, but at least it wasn't raining. In fact we had beautiful weather for the rest of the day.

We left Truro for Dutton and Eudunda, where we turned right to Morgan. It was here that we all got the benefit of the wind that had been buffeting us so far. All the way to Morgan we had a great big tailwind. And we only had to overtake one car the whole way to Morgan. After the ferry ride the landscape changed as we rode through the vineyards and orchards around Cadell and Ramco.

Arriving at Kevin's place lunch was being prepared. And what a lunch it was! Soups by Denise and sausages from Master Chef Coates. We had an opportunity to meet some of the people from the Mallee branch who were invited along too.

The photos are great thanks to Peter and Carolyn. And thanks again to Trevor and Ray for bringing up the rear. Special thanks must go to Andy Torrance for wearing his wets. There was no rain!

Frank Pellas
Rides Coordinator.