3rd Jun Day Ride to Hahndorf

This was my first ever ride that I'd planned. Must admit, I was a bit nervous, especially as the first version I planned and test rode on the Friday was a disaster -a whole lotta dirt. OK on my adventure bike, but not for a lot of the Sunday riders. So another planning session, but untested.
It seemed to go OK. A lot of suburban riding, taking people either through areas they hadn't been, or else right past their house (Shelley & Adrian)! Lots of roundabouts for slow versions of twisties.
It was a shorter ride than usual. Having chosen the Throttle Shed as the morning tea stop, there weren't a lot of sealed roads to choose from, heading there (or coming back). But no-one fell off, no-one got lost, despite my uncertain placing of corner marshals in some places. In fact I saw a fair bit of common sense behind me. After roundabouts which were straight through, so didn't need a marshal, I saw one stop anyway. Amazing how smoothly it all goes when riders just ride sanely, and show a bit of initiative.
Morning tea was a longish period, because we got there a bit early. Everyone seemed happy with that. Then on to Hahndorf for lunch via Lobethal & Basket Range roads, for the real twisties. We rode through Uraidla, Piccadilly and Bridgewater, for a view of the Autumn leaf colours.
A few had the buffet lunch at the Old Mill pub, and it was great. Tasty fish, meats and roast vegetables, and scrumptious desserts. Others had a-la-carte, which unfortunately split us up. The stayers got together at the end. The Old Mill is great in providing plenty of parking out back. Something in short supply in Hahndorf on a Sunday. As evidenced by the security guy checking us in to the carpark. :)
The count was 26 bikes plus 5 pillions. As always, thanks to Trevor, Ray & Peter.
And thanks to the weather gods for such a beautiful day.
Ken Wagnitz
Click here for a map of where we rode.
Click here for Shelley's video from the ride.