Google Calendar Instructions

The Google calendars of other people/organisations can be added to your personal calendar on your phone/tablet.
This allows you to see multiple calendars in one. Useful for sharing the family's planning with your partner,
or... viewing the Adelaide Branch event schedule on your phone.

So you can either add the calendar to your phone (and/or tablet), or you can view it on a web page.
Click here for the less handy web page view.

To view the Event schedule on your phone/tablet, read on...

  1. You don't use already use Google Calendar, and don't have a Google account.
    Either use the web view (link above), or...

  2. You already use Google Calendar, either on an Android phone, or an iPhone.

  3. To get the Event calendar showing on your phone...

If this is all too confusing, get a grandchild to help. :)
Apologies to the Windows Phone users out there (all three of you), you are on your own.