Ulysses Club members will work over 10,000 volunteer hours during the 2019 National Rally.
Can YOU please spare just a few hours to help?


Member#    OR member# you are guest of
Have you registered and paid to attend the 2019 UCNR yet?    Yes No
Given Name   Surname   Year of birth
Mobile No. during the Rally   Phone No. before the Rally
Important: Email address


Have you volunteered at an AGM Event within the past 3 years?    Yes No
If YES, what jobs have you done?
Have you ever been, or are you a member of a current National Rally/AGM Event Team?    Yes No
If you answered YES, please note year & position(s) held ie. Event Treasurer, Security Coordinator, etc.

SET-UP WEEK (21 FEB-24FEB) No Site Access before this date

Set-up Week is generally manual labour, some tasks require you to work up a sweat, others are of a lighter manual labour.

Do you have any special skills you can bring to Set-up Week eg. Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, Forklift Driver, etc?

What day do you anticipate arriving during Set-Up Week?
Thursday    Friday    Saturday    Sunday
Please note that you will be rostered on for at least 4 hours per day for the rest of Set-up Week following the day of your arrival.


At the 2019 National Rally, I would like to volunteer to help in the following area(s):
(Please number at least 3 in order of preference to ensure you get a shift in a preferred area.)
Any/All Campground Traders Marquee/Decorations
Check-in Commemorative Merchandise Rally HQ / Information Grand Parade
First Aid Parcels & Laundry Functions/Meetings Gear Shop
Welfare Ride Info / Booking Desk Ride Leader Volunteer Centre
Site Control / Gates Other

Type of work I prefer:
I’m happy to work up a sweat! -eg. Moving furniture, erecting temporary fencing, etc.
I can do light manual work -eg. Erecting signs and decorations, Ride Leader, etc.
I'm restricted to sit down jobs -eg. Working at a desk, data entry, meet & greet, bus driver, etc.

Special skills and qualifications you are prepared to use at the Rally, eg. LR or higher licence, First Aid Cert, computer skills.

Which days and times are you prepared to volunteer (tick the box)?
Mid period

Do you wish to attend the Volunteers Lunch at 12.30pm on Sunday 3 MARCH? (8 hrs minimum volunteer requirement.)
Yes     No


This period of time is similar in structure to Set-Up week with no hard and fast shift times, everyone working together as required to dismantle the structures, clean up the site and generally prepare it to hand back to the organisation from which it was hired.

Can you work any of the following days?
Sunday afternoon     Monday     Tuesday

Any notes you wish to add?